About Me


I am passionate about healing and wellbeing.  I specialize in transformative therapeutic massage while utilizing a number of modalities including Deep Tissue, Positional Release, Sports Massage, Cupping, Swedish, and Myofascial Techniques.  I also offer spiritual direction and life coaching.  I look forward to working with you.


"I really cannot say enough about how much I value Scott's services.  Scott is a true healer.  He has helped me rehabilitate from knee and ankle strains.  Additionally, on more than one occasion, my lower back pain miraculously dissipated during sessions with Scott.  The best thing about him is his holistic approach: you can tell he is going after root causes as opposed to just working on my presenting issue.  He is both technically skilled and highly intuitive.  Scott not only leaves me feeling better, he makes me feel like a better person."--Jonathan

"Scott has been both a delight and a blessing to work with.  I've experienced tremendous growth in the months that I've been working with him to heal unresolved issues.  His compassionate and wise voice is his strength and is powerfully threaded throughout the session, leading you through the thick layers of the subconscious.  His insightful appraoch is very unique--no one else I know does this type of work!  He is a healer, spiritual in nature, yet deeply grounded at the same time.  I completely trust myself with him and am able to solve complex issues in just one session."--Deanna 

"Scott is one of the most professional and kind people I have had the pleasure to meet in my life.  He is also one of the most gifted healers in bodywork I have ever worked with.  Simply put, I have an extremely messed up back and I have learned not to expect miracles anymore from anyone, whether it be physical therapy, chiropractors, orthopedists, acupuncturists, massage therapy...you name it, I've tried them all.  Scott is the only one I go to on a permanent basis and is able to help me find relief.  He is always interested in knwoing more and looking for the best way to help a patient's particular problem and is also very conscientious of his own health and body, which, in turn, makes him more aware of a patient's healing.  I am grateful to have found him.  Don't wait!  Otherwise, I will be glad to have your appointment..."--Courtney

"I have been going to Scott for over 5 years now.  His ability to do deep tissue work combined with newer techniques has helped keep my shoulder and neck pain (both chronic problems due to injuries) in check.  He is a constant learner.  Always perfecting his craft.  And, if you are spiritual he has something going on there too.  He is calm, energizing and his stories and laughter are infectious."--Marina 

"I searched for a long time for a massage therapist that could really do not only deep tissue work, but help with chronic pain issues. He is great at accessing pressure points and getting your body to relax and unwind in the most ergonomic way. While also putting you at ease and always with an upbeat, positive take on life. You will come away feeling refreshed. As for the spiritual coaching, I feel I owe some of my most amazing transformation in my health to my work with Scott. I went to see him when I was at a very low point in depression from multiple physical symptoms that no one seemed to be able to address and the heartache of also not being able to conceive a child. He not only helped me to process my grief, he helped get me in touch with my inner knowing. After a very poignant session, I had a vivid dream that pointed me in the direction of some answers to my issues that had plagued me for years. I learned that my dental work was causing me health problems and also causing infertility. Scott not only helped me to access my own sense of what direction I needed to go, he also provided me with practitioner referrals. He helped me to relate better to my partner, my family and many others. I also gained insights to know when to end a relationship that was unhealthy for me and to learn what I needed from a future partner. He is guided by a keen sense of intuition and lots of thoughtful prayer. I always came away from sessions with new insights about my life and also felt empowered with tools to continue my health and wellness journey outside of the sessions we had. So many years later, I live in Sweden with my amazing husband and our miracle child (natural conception at age 43). Thanks to Scott for helping to get me to where I am today."--Leah



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